Graphite on paper  |  Sand on Glass  |  India Ink  |  format 8,5''x11'' 

approx 220 pages  | Publishing format paper and digital  |  expected release 2020

      Seven Circles

 Sample Pages

Graphic Novel based on the story of Holocaust Survivor David Lenga 

production 2017-2020

 The following artwork, made in sand on glass, has been created by the artistic directors for the chapters that were not covered by the students. The images are in their raw unedited stage.

P R O D U C T I O N   

 Artistic directors Ruah Edelstein and Masha Vasilkovsky fully collaborated with students of College of the Canyons Storyboarding class on production of this graphic novel. Having created drawings for the novel, students made an agreement with the directors to complete artwork, design the layout of pages, and prepare the book for publication. The extensive postproduction editing process is now in the last stages of being completed and prepared for release in 2020.