LUMEN ANIMAE is a Los Angeles based animation studio founded in 2012 by filmmakers Masha Vasilkovsky and Ruah Edelstein. Driven by the spirit of artistic innovation the studio is an amity of creative partnerships, which shares socio-centric philosophy with the global community through film productions, masterclasses, and shows. One of the examples of the studio's work is the L'Tamid Genocide Rememberance Project, where together with groups of students Lumen Animae directs animated documentaries based on the stories of Holocaust Survivors. Lumen Animae presented work at the US Open, Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, National TV of China, and other venues receiving Emmy nomination (2019) for 'Ashe '68’, VR Sand animation. The studio produced over 35 films, film comissions, and art installations to date. 

'Vita brevis, ars longa'  (Hippocrates, 460-370BC)

Masha Vasilkovsky  is internationally known for her award winning animated films made in paint-on-glass technique, such as ‘Fur and Feathers’ (2000) and ‘Eyes of the Azure’ (2016). Her films have been presented at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Annecy Animation Festival, and Museum of Modern Art New York, among other venues, as well as screened on National TV of Russian Federation. Masha’s animation  is featured in such productions as, "Il Doctor" (2005) dir. Suzan Pitt, "Lo Azul Del Cielo" (2012) dir. Juan Uribe, and "Tell Me Cuba" (2006) dir. Megan Williams. Since 2000, Masha has directed and animated over 50 productions. Since 2003 Masha has been teaching animation production at Character Animation Department of CalArts, and at Media Entertainment Arts Department of College of the Canyons. 

Ruah Edelstein is an animation film director and a contemporary artist. International recognition of her signature style in highly conceptual approach comes from film ‘Died 100 Times” (2012), followed by multiple shows internationally. Resent venues include AMC Theaters Miami, Museum of Jurassic Technology Los Angeles, Le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montréal, National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Fine Art, &NOW Conference for Authors of Innovative Literature. Edelstein is a recipient of the 1st Prize at Athens Experimental Animation Film Festival, the Best Animated Short Film at Lisbon International Film Festival, and the Best Animation Award from the Golden Reel International Film Festival, among other awards. Since 2012 to present Edelstein is a faculty at California Institute of the Arts, teaching film production in the Department of Character Animation.



Live Animation

To give each artist an experience of transforming the ‘feed’ of Nature-based research into the ‘output’ of their imaginative inspiration.  

With a model in front filmmakers create consecutive drawings in various temporal and spacial situations, conducting direct research of space and movement of form in time. This preparatory work serves as foundation for imaginative animation production.

We involve Pantomime to join our imagination with the corresponding physical experiences of our bodies, to present the filmmakers the practice of physical theater. Theater Exercises anchor student’s subsequent animation in direct experience. Mime leads them into creative play of controlled movement and speechless acting. In the progression of the workshop Mime performs for the participants as they create sequential drawings recording continuous action in a free form way. Drawings become an animated sequence documenting the creative process.

The Threepenny Opera

Walt Disney Modular Theater

The Righteous Conversations Project

Los Angeles

Quest Gallery, Venice Beach, California

"I  SEE  YOU" Theater Production

REDCAT Disney Theater

Winter Dance Concert. Los Angeles

Projection Mapping. Karskrona, Sweden

Yuri Norstein's visit to USC Cinematic Arts

Portfolio Masterclasses. China

Graphic Novel "Seven Circles"

based on the story of David Lenga, Holocaust Survivor

"Mysterium Georgicus" permenant exhibition, Virginia, USA

Sinai Synagogue Los Angeles

Window installation

"Ashe '68" VR animation for the US Open 

Seoul Institute of the Arts, TV bridge from REEF Los Angeles

Flight Through Space

Dynamic Moving Composition  –  is an on-site exercise, which strengthens visual composition design as well as perspective drawing. Participants draw consecutive images of urban landscape or environment at a visually rich location such as: Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Town Plaza, etc.

Animation from Imagination

Besides learning a comprehensive method of animating traditionally, students explore hands-on direct Animation approach, where all the artwork is produced under the camera using such analog production materials as charcoal, paint-on-glass, or sand. Hands-on experience wires an intuitive understanding of animation process and leads to mastery over many of the foundational principles of animation. Employing haptic sense in their creative process allows students to access the part of their brain that is experienced in daily living as an animated being and to connect it to the part of the brain responsible for artistic expression. 

Lumen Animae  |    |   POBox 6229, PMC, CA 93222, USA

BIL Conference, Long Beach, California

Oah & Harlam Episodes, Puppet Theater

Walt Disney Modular Theater

Light Animation

Photo Credit:  Jie Cao

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Corral

Lumen Animae studios at different times brought several art forms together: cinematic arts, theater, fine art, dance, music, and literature. 

Lumen Animae Event

Animation Mapping Installation, CalArts 

&NOW Conference for Authors of Innovative Literature, San Diego


Actor:  Julien Heron 

Mime performs for animation artists as they create sequential drawings recording continuous action

To nourish each filmmaker’s uniquely personal animation technique our masterclasses provide participants with a library of production methods applicable for building an original portfolio. We concentrate on developing an expressive visual vocabulary of aspiring artists. Using innovating teaching methods to illuminate individual talent, we bring forth outstanding artistic expression present as a potential in young artists. We work with professional animation studio population, as well as animation college students.

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Corral