Black card  |  Carbon paper  |  Cutout  |  Gel  |  Scotch tape  |  11''x14''  |  28x36 cm

      Carte Blanche

Los Angeles  | 2019

 It is our birthright. We are holders of carte blanche, with unlimited discretionary power to act, unrestricted authority of our own choices. I enjoyed realizing that, that complete freedom to act as I wish or think best. In the perfect world perhaps, as if by default, we would all assume this birthright and not detour anywhere else from where we would, of course, dream of 'returning home'. Yet, I marched with everyone else in my youth. Eventually, when I grabbed on my carte blanche, it made a few friends furious. Like if they also waited for the privelage, yet assumed it had to be granted to them. By whom, my friends? By whom?